We have the largest full cable park in Latvia and Baltics and one of the largest in the world! 800m long 5 tower (5 masti in Latvian) counter-clockwise cable system built by Rixen company brings top-shelf German quality to our lake and to all the riders. 

Regarding features, we currently have: 3 Kickers (small, medium, large), Box, Elephant, Iceberg, Pipe, Ollie Box+Rooftop, 2 Uprails, Rail, Ollie Barrier, Wallride+Box+ail (we call it the Berry), Barrel.

For beginners and children, we recommend to take the first couple of laps with a kneeboard which helps to understand the basic principles of the cable and trajectories so that the first turn on the ski or board won't get more surprising than it actually is! But if you happen to make friends with water, our 400 meter long wooden pathway will help you get ashore quickly for the next try!