The greatest water park in Latvia. It's simple.

Located in the heart of Latvia, around 18 min of a peaceful drive by car to the southwest from Rīga will take you to 5 Masti Water Park - the largest full-circle cable park in Latvia and one of the longest cables in the world. The cable is running counter-clockwise and is a Goofy riders' dream and it’s also a fun challenge for the Camp Regular to improve their riding skills. Of course, waterskiers too are more than welcome - what can be better than some relaxing slalom between features and maybe even some air time too! And it does not matter if you have no experience in watersports at all - our instructors will get you up to speed in no time!

We also offer to enjoy the serenity of the lake on the SUP (stand-up paddling) board. The waters outside the cable park are so calm and clear...

...but just not where our HUGE inflatable waterpark is located! Kids love it, and you will too! Water slides, obstacles, climbing walls, tunnels - we have it all! 
So let us know each other - 5 Masti Water park. And your name is?..